The original buildings of Ogyen Choling complex had succumbed to the earthquake of 1897. The present buildings with a central tower, utse, the surrounding residential building, shagkor, and the main temple building, tsug lhakhang were rebuilt and expanded to its present structure by Jakar Dzongpon Ugyen Dorji, son of Yeshi and Choeju Thinley at the turn of the last century.

The main temple, the tsug lhakhang, is a two storied building located to the north of the utse. The reconstruction of the temple began in 1898 and was completed in 1899. The chapel on the ground floor of the tsug lhakhang is dedicated to Drolma or Tara. In the main chapel located on the first floor, the principal shrine is that of Jowo or Buddha Sakyamuni at the age of twelve. The Jowo is flanked on the right by an image of Guru Padmasambhava and Dorji Lingpa, the founder of the Ogyen Choling lineage, on the left. To the right of Padmasambhava is the father of Dorji Lingpa and on the left of Dorji Lingpa is trulku Chokten Gompo, the reincarnation of Dorji Lingpa.

The chapel of Mahakala, who is the personal protective deity of the family and the villagers, is unconditionally restricted to family members and the villagers of Ogyen Choling. The third chapel on the same floor is the Dorji Sempa lhakhang (Vajrasattva). This chapel was commissioned by Trulku Nuden Dorji (1930-1985) in memory of his brother Kunzang Dorji (1926-1962) and his sister-in-law Dorji Dolma (1932-1964). The fifth chapel is located on the fourth floor of the utse. This chapel is dedicated to Tsepamey (Amitayus).

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