Living and Administrative Room

It was from this room that the Choeju (the head of the household and religious lineage) oversaw the day to day running of the estate. It was also the room in which guests were welcomed and entertained. The table in front of the seat had all the stationery for writing, the sealing wax and the seal as well as some documents. The container for the betel leaves and the areca nut were kept next to the seat, always within easy reach. Similarly, a container of alcohol was always kept in the room to greet and see off visitors. The oil lamp on the wooden stand was used for lighting as well for melting the sealing wax.

Other items displayed are boxes, telescope and travel bags. Also displayed are items of historical significance such as a wooden chair which is said to have been used by the second king of Bhutan, Jigme Wangchuck and different head gear and the seal used by Trongsa Penlop Tsokye Dorji.

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